Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

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Tips for a healthy relationship with food
Tips for a healthy relationship with food


Our relationship with the food we eat is very important


Each body assimilates and welcomes various foods differently, and it is important to understand what is good for us and what is not. What works well for one does not have to work in the same way for the other. What is more, this is what is known as our authenticity and it makes us unique and special.



Tips for healthy eating

  • Embrace foods that give you energy, make you feel good and fill you with happiness. This is how your body will be relaxed, embracing all the goods that food offers and providing all its vitality and good functioning of its energy.
  • Do not force your body to ingest something that it rejects or causes discomfort. Understand the signals it gives you and work along with it. As a result of this, we highlight the importance of connecting with your body, of taking interest in the signals it gives you, and in understanding what it needs and what it does not. Through trial and error and with time, you can have an important relationship of understanding and empathy with yourself.
  • To begin, it is important to introduce all the possible ingredients to our bodies. Intolerances often occur because our body has not had the enormous opportunity to know and flavor new richness. From there the rejection and feelings of discomfort begin, as mentioned above. It is good to get used to eating everything, having a proper balance, and getting nourished with all the nutrients. Once this, the body will learn to ingest what it needs and deserves. On the contrary, our body will begin to consider new foods as attack mechanisms, protecting the body from them and not allowing us to benefit from all their properties.

The signatures of a good relationship with food


Some signs showing that we are having a good relationship with food are:

  • Giving yourself permission to eat the foods you enjoy the most.
  • You understand and know how to deal with your body’s natural hunger signals.
  • You perfectly control the art of eating when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full.
  • You master portion size, and enjoy all foods in moderation. 
  • You do not get influenced by other people eating habits.
  • You know perfectly when you can make exceptions to the rules and how to compensate it.
  • You master the art of choosing healthy foods, and the ones that make you feel the best.
  • You perfectly understand that every calorie counts.

Last thoughts


Understanding and establishing empathy with your body is essential to live each stage of your life with intensity and emotion. A healthy life is achieved by embracing everything that nature offers us, choosing the portions most conveniently and healthily for us. Building a good relationship with food a surely a guarantee of success.

Written by Mónica Ailani,

Content Writer & Translator


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